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"The Brendan Sailing Program showed my son he could win no matter the challenge! I have been telling him for years, now he believes it!"

Parent of Brendan Sailor, 2019


To build pathways for self-confidence and personal growth in children with learning differences… through individually tailored experiential instruction in sailing

Brendan focuses on each student and his or her individual needs. While we teach sailing skills and safety on the water, the end result is a strong sense of accomplishment and enhanced self-worth. Through our Program, Brendan students not only learn how to sail - they gain a foundation for building self-confidence and social skills through sailing.

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Special Announcements

Brendan Sailing 2020

Register for our Annapolis and St. Mary's Summer Programs before April 15 and receive $50 off on registration fees! Join us on the water this summer for a ridiculous amount of fun!

Brendan Sailing 2019 Awards

Brendan Sailing honored the accomplishments of three students and four volunteers who participated in the 2019 season at its awards program at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF) Philip Merrill Environmental Center in Annapolis.

Check out our blog for details about our program's feature in Sailing Magazine's June 2019 issue.

Brendan Sailing in Washington DC Group Photo Spring 2019

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Charlie Arms Executive Director of the Brendan Sailing Program

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Our featured programs in Annapolis, Washington DC, and at St. Mary's College of Maryland.

Brendan Sailing Program Options

See our program options and details below. If you have any questions email us at info@brendansailing.org.

We never turn down a child for financial reasons, if cost is an issue please apply to our scholarship program

Brendan Sailing Program in Annapolis, Maryland

Two Week Options ($700):

Session #1

June 22 - July 3

Session #2

July 6 - July 17

One Week Options ($375):

Session #3

July 6 - July 10

Session #4

July 13 - July 17

"Brendan Sailing helped build the confidence in my child, not only to drive a sailboat but also to take me sailing with her. Many people do not respect that some children may need more time to learn and can get distracted... Brendan instructors were parent and understanding with her."

          - Janet, Parent of Brendan Sailor 2018

NOWS Updated Logo - National On Water Standards

Brendan Follows the National On-Water Standards for sailing skills instruction


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