Brendan Program Rules

Welcoming Letter and Behavioral Rules

Welcome to the St. Brendan Sailing Program. Sailing is a mysterious art. We try to use an invisible medium (wind) to move us across a moving and challenging surface (water). To sail one must have confidence in yourself and your skills, understand and use scientific principles, know where one is in an environment without road signs, and work with the weather to do what you want to do.  You have command of your vessel.  You must deal with the consequences of your decisions. Most of the time you reap the benefits of your interactions with nature and your team.


Program Description

Our program involves adventure, skill building, accomplishment, teamwork and fun. To be successful in this endeavor we have developed a unique culture and outlook. I would like to explain how we operate and what some of the results may be.


Who knows what adventure, large or small awaits you around the next bend or over the horizon in a boat? The water that laps our beach could take you anywhere around the world. We will sail around the bend and you will take yourself further than you thought you might.


Can you take a pile of parts and put them together into a wind-powered machine? Can you use an invisible force (wind) to move you across an alien terrain (water)? You will.


Even if it seems foreign or impossible now, you will be able to work with wind and water to go where you want to go, safely and in control. The best part is doing this with your friends or being the captain of your boat with your parents as passenger.


Almost all of our activities involve teamwork. Teamwork requires us to be sensitive to other’s potential strengths and weaknesses. When you spend hours in close quarters you can acquire some great teamwork and communication tricks and skills.


What could be better than days at the beach, trips to foreign shores, new friends and discovering that you are more powerful than you thought you were?


Rules of Behavior

The Brendan Instructors are here to assist you and guide you in gaining the confidence and skill needed to make you comfortable on the water. To make this happen requires delicate instruction, support on our part, cooperation, and a willing attitude on your part. We have the following rules to separate your well-being and that of the other sailors:


Treat all sailors with RESPECT. Listen to what they have to say, be attentive to their safety, and don’t hurt their feelings or their persons. No Put-Downs.


Your Brendan Instructors are full-time SAFETY officers. They are constantly concerned with providing as safe an environment as possible. When they give you directions--respond IMMEDIATELY. Personal Flotation Devices (life jackets) must be worn at all times if you are in, on or near water. Be careful leaving and returning to the beach. AVOID COLLISIONS. While on the water, do not leave your boat unless instructed to do so.

Personal Habits

Refrain from profanity. This is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are absolutely prohibited.


Dress properly for active sports in the sun and on the water. Shorts and T-shirts are definitely acceptable. One-piece swimsuits for girls are recommended (no bikinis). Apply high SPF sunscreen early and often. Hats and sunglasses are important to protest your eyes from UV.  Think about a hat keeper and sunglass croakie.


Treat all equipment with care. Keep your boat’s equipment together. Avoid dropping parts in the sand---they are easy to lose and it is harmful to all boat parts. Much of your equipment is loaned and must be returned in good shape to an individual. Treat all equipment as if your best friend owned it.


Instructors will bring inappropriate behavior to student’s attention. If the behavior is not quickly corrected, students will be removed from the boat and assigned to a time-out area on shore. Parents will be notified by the staff of disciplinary actions.

Brendan Campers Discuss Sailing in the Classroom

The Brendan Sailing Program is unique. The staff is devoted to sharing our love for sailing with you in the most supportive manner possible. We know each student has great potential that can be realized through their selves and their parents.




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