Brendan Corporation Privacy Policy


1. Introduction

    This privacy policy informs users how the Brendan Corporation collects and processes your personal data when you become a member of the Brendan community, interact with us, or use our website/digital infrastructure. This privacy policy also details your rights in regards to our storage and processing of your personal data and how you can contact us with complaints or inquiries on the matter. This privacy policy was last updated on ____________. 


2. Data Controller and Contact Information

The Brendan Corporation serves the role of “Data Controller” for the processing of your personal data. All inquiries surrounding the processing of your personal data can be sent to and will be addressed accordingly.


3. Purpose and Legal Basis of Collecting and Processing Data

The Brendan Corporation collects personal information of members of the Brendan community to inform about opportunities and updates within The Brendan Sailing Program. Additionally, The Brendan Corporation collects data from our website users to inform our organization on the trends of usage within our website to improve the user’s experience.


4. Personal Data collected through our Mailing List & Forms

Through signing up for our mailing list via our email collection form, or through sending us your information on a Brendan Sailing Program survey, we will potentially store the following information in our GetResponse database:

  • Contact Email Address

  • Contact Phone Number

  • City, State, Street Address, and Postal Code

  • Parent Name

  • Camper Name

  • Camper Grade

  • Camper School

  • Camper Learning Difference (if specified)     

This information stored in GetResponse serves as records essential to the functioning of our sailing camps and community outreach. Through signing up through our email collection form or providing information through our surveys, we verify consent through an additional opt. in email message from GetResponse, confirming your mailing list subscription. You may unsubscribe from our list at anytime by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of any newsletter message, or through emailing us directly at, detailing your request. 


5. Personal Data automatically collected through Google Analytics

    To assess our website performance and trends in usage, we use Google Analytics and Google Data Studio to process data automatically collected on our website. The data we collect and analyze does not in any way identify specific individuals, although information we receive includes:

  • Site traffic sources

  • Location by major US metropolitan areas

  • Type of device used to access site

  • Type of browser used to access site 


6. Staff Access to your Personal Data

The Brendan Corporation Staff will have access to your Personal Data to the extent of fulfilling community outreach within the program and its associated activities.


7. Data Storage & Security

Personal data is stored within our main contact database on GetResponse and through SendInBlue (used for Brendan Newsletters). Additionally, personal data is stored on Brendan Corporation employee computers for access. When personal data is also submitted through one of our forms through SurveyGizmo, we store the information and use as records, in order to contact members of our Brendan community when necessary. Personal data will be stored as long as needed to maintain outreach for Brendan opportunities such as our alumni program.


8. Third Parties

The Brendan Corporation utilizes various third-party services to fulfill specific needs of the program such as running our website and maintaining our program newsletter. Some services we use, such as Google Analytics, may use these technologies to collect information that helps us with traffic measurement, research, and analytics. These services are not used in any way to personally identify you, or to collect personal data to sell for profit. By using and interacting with our website and services, you acknowledge the use of third-party services and their individual privacy policies. You may exercise choices regarding the use of cookies, web beacons, and more by downloading a privacy tool such as Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


9.  Right to Update our Privacy Policy and Notifying Users

The Brendan Corporation reserves the right to augment or modify our Privacy Policy at any time. This may be due to new laws and updated laws on privacy, or changes in our organization’s structure. When our privacy policy is updated, we will inform users through our mailing list. If you would like to be directly informed about updates to our privacy policy, please subscribe here or on our email collection form on


10. Disclosure of no knowledge of EU resident information collection

The Brendan Corporation stores data on users within the Brendan Sailing community to maintain outreach within our program. The Brendan Corporation does not intend on collecting information on EU residents, nor do we have knowledge of obtaining information on EU residents at this time.


11. Your Rights regarding Personal Data Storage

To defend against unwarranted access to your personal data, the Brendan Corporation employs sensible measures to store and process your Personal Data in a secure fashion. The Brendan Corporation stores Personal Data collected for marketing and outreach purposes until individuals opt. out or reach out to have their information removed from our database.

Within the context of existing privacy laws, individuals may exercise the following rights with personal data. The Brendan Corporation will review and respond within 30 days of receiving the request. In order to obtain personal data records, you must first verify your identity. For all types of requests detailed below, please file by emailing :

  • Right of access: You can request an electronic copy of your personal data stored in our records.

  • Right to erasure: If you’d like your personal data removed from our system we can make accommodations, although you will no longer receive information from us via our mailing list.

  • Right to modify: If your personal data is not correct or complete, you are allowed to have it modified or completed.

  • Right to stop processing: You have the right to stop the processing of your personal data and to cut off contact from us. You can also request to restrict specific data from being collected if need be.

  • Right to withdraw consent: With the processing of your personal data that requires consent, you have the right to withdraw consent.

  • Right to file a complaint with the data protection authority: On any issues with our privacy practices, you can file a report with an authorized data protection authority. The proper data protection authority within a specific matter may depend on where you live or work. 


12. Acknowledgement of this Privacy Statement

Your use of any of our Collection Places or Surveys signifies that you have read and understand all of the terms of this privacy policy.



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