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October is LD Awareness Month

Attention Brendan Supporters!

October is LD Awareness month.  It is an exciting time, and this month brings a great opportunity to spread awareness about the Learning Differences community.

While 1-in-5 American students struggle with learning differences, many educators, parents, and adults don’t possess the proper skills, info, and training needed to assist with the challenges learning differences can present.

Brendan Sailing recognizes the challenges children with learning differences can face. Using our hands-on approach, our instructors provide an inclusive learning environment that allows each student to individually shine and succeed.

Throughout this month (and every month), we will continue to serve the LD community by connecting with like-minded groups in an effort to correct common misconceptions associated Learning Differences. Be on the lookout for a quarterly newsletter update by the end of this month, highlighting the accomplishments of our campers.

We hope to raise awareness by highlighting the accomplishments of our campers, and those in the learning difference community. Thank you for your support, and we hope you join us in celebrating the LD community throughout the month of October!

For more resources on learning differences, see our articles curated by the Brendan Staff here.



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