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Instructor Alumni Spotlight: Beverly Nash

Beverly Nash was an instructor for Brendan Sailing in the late 90's. She is an avid sailor and was hired by Brendan Chairman/Founder Jim Muldoon to teach summer programing in Eastport prior to the official move to Annapolis Sailing School.

Beverly reconnected with Brendan and Executive Director Charlie Arms at the 2018 Hospice Cup. While discussing current Brendan programing, she told a story of a young girl who, at the beginning of the program, was a very timid sailor. One day, Beverly and the campers planned to sail to Ego Ally and have lunch. At the beginning of the voyage the timid sailor was unsure and uneasy, and worried she would capsize. However, with encouragement from Beverly and the other campers, she overcame her fear and arrived at the destination by using her newly-learned skills and confidence. She was beaming as they went to lunch and was eager to get back out on the water and sail home. Stories like this are why people like Beverly and others become instructors at Brendan Sailing. They make a difference in the community, and we strive to continue to make that positive influence today.

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