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Camper Spotlight: Tim Madden

Tim Madden is a 13-year old middle school student who participated in his first Brendan Sailing Program last season in Annapolis. He said it was a lot of fun and with the patient and encouraging guidance of Charlie Arms and Evan McCarthy, he was able to pick up the sport. His favorite part of camp was being out on the water sailing with the other students. On the last day of camp he took his sister and uncle out on the water to show off his newly found sailing skills. Tim’s sister, Charlotte, was impressed by his competence on the water, as was his uncle who is an avid sailor. His mother Linda was also encouraged to see Tim’s social interactions, team work, and confidence on the water. 

When not sailing, Tim refers to himself as a gamer. He loves playing Xbox where he is always eager to share his interest in his favorite games. He is also passionate about fighter jets and loves to construct Lego replicas of the different models. His dream one day is to become a fighter pilot. We look forward to seeing Tim grow as an individual and a sailor and cannot wait to have him back this summer!

Read the full Brendan Sailing Spring 2019 Newsletter here: http://sh1.sendinblue.com/ndpcm89fsc.html?t=1556663739



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