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Camper Spotlight: Joshua Shevlin

Josh Shevlin is currently a sophomore at Commonwealth Academy in Alexandria, Virginia, where his favorite subjects are history and writing. He also enjoys being a member of his school’s Model United Nations club.

Outside of school, Josh likes playing video games and discussing sports and current events with his friends, taking long bike rides, watching Marvel movies, spending time at the beach, playing tennis, and of course, sailing!

Josh has enjoyed, as well as grown from his experiences with Brendan Sailing. Brendan’s programs have helped Josh to gain self-confidence and learn valuable life skills. Just last week, Josh mentioned that he used his Brendan Sailing training to help one of his high school classmates get back into the boat on a school rafting trip. He has also really enjoyed the camaraderie of the Brendan camps and learning from talented and kind instructors like Charlie and Evan. Lastly, the Brendan Sailing programs have instilled in Josh a love of sailing and being out on the water. Time spent at Brendan Sailing Camps is truly one of the highlights of his year!

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