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Brandan 2019 Graduation Highlights

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Friday July 26, 2019 - St. Mary's and Annapolis students received recognition for their achievements and participation this year, concluding the Brendan Sailing Program's 35th season.

The event at St. Mary's College of Maryland revisited this summers memories with a slide show presentation and a certificate-of-completion ceremony where each camper was individually acknowledged for their accomplishments.

Prior to the graduation, campers enjoyed their last day of camp at Brendan Sailing this year by taking family and friends on the water for one of Brendan’s longest traditions: the Parent Sail.

“We had pretty good breeze, slightly cooler weather and sunshine. All of the parents got to get out on the water with their campers. Always a great way to end our 10 day camp here at St. Mary's,” said Executive Director Charlie Arms.

We at Brendan Sailing look back at an thrilling Spring and Summer sailing season, collecting great memories, learning new skills, and meeting new gifted students from wonderful families.

We look forward to our upcoming Fall 2019 After School Program and what will be in store for Brendan Sailing in 2020!

Stay tuned!



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