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Annapolis Program Session 2 comes to a close

Summer 2019 with Brendan Sailing in Annapolis was action packed and filled with fun!

The second session came to close Friday July 12 with some remote control sailboating (thanks to Craig Priniski). Every camper took a turn maneuvering the boats, racing up the side of the dock, avoiding the curious ducks in the area.  

After our pizza party lunch, parents arrived and were given sailboat rides by their kids.  Joyful faces with big smiles were seen on every boat.

Staff has a couple of days off to prepare for the Overnight Camp at St. Mary’s College starting on Wednesday night.  

Take a look at the action from Friday, the last day of the 2019 Annapolis program:

Want to get in on the action this year? Sign up for our remaining program options at St. Mary's College of Maryland - more info here!

Reserve your spot for Annapolis Programs in 2020 by connecting with us today - RSVP here.



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