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About Brendan Sailing

"Brendan Sailing has provided our son with a unique adventure. The counselors and students are welcoming, accepting, and encouraging of each other; what a positive environment! We are amazed at how quickly he learned, and even more amazed at his confidence in his new sailing abilities!"

- Parent of Brendan Sailor, 2019


Our Mission and Approach

The Brendan Corporation is a registered 501(c)(3) and parent entity to the Brendan Sailing Program. Since our founding in 1985, we have been committed to providing a foundation for success and building pathways for self-confidence and personal growth in children with learning differences...through individually tailored experiential instruction in sailing. We employ certified sailing instructors with a focus on “learning by doing” to accomplish our mission.


Our Values

We value Individual Dignity

At Brendan we understand all of our participants possess individual learning styles, and we make sure to incorporate and adapt to all of their needs to ensure the highest amount of success, and individual dignity is achieved. 

We value Personal Growth

Through the power of sailing, participants accomplish a sense of independence and personal growth, that they can carry over into their personal and professional lives.

We value Unique Learning Styles

Our sessions possess a tailored sailing curriculum designed for those with unique learning styles to thrive, and learn the life-long skill of sailing in ways that are best suited for them individually.

We value Quality Experiential Learning

With our hands-on approach that focuses on "learning by doing", participants gain the core foundations of sailing through quality experiential learning.

We value Teamwork

Teamwork is a core value of our program, and is practiced through many team building activities throughout the duration of the program.

We value Patience and Kindness

All of our participants learn through different styles and methods. With this in mind, our instructors foster a positive learning environment through the practice of patience and kindness which we believe gives our participants the best opportunity to succeed.

We value Safety and Fun

The only thing more important than fun to Brendan is Safety. Our programs are delivered by US Sailing certified instructors, who believe safety is of the utmost importance and that it is incorporated in the most fun ways possible. The Brendan Sailing Program also incorporates the new National On-Water Standards – for SAIL instruction ensuring maximum safety and efficiency in the boating program. 

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"My son gained a sense of confidence that extended to his day-to-day. Before Brendan he was shy, and the boy we picked up from camp was more engaging, happy, and relaxed. I attribute this not just to learning how to sail, but also to the instructors he worked with and the new friends he made"

- Parent of Brendan Sailor 2018


Annapolis and St. Mary's Sessions

Maryland Summer Programs

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DC Sail Washington DC After School Program with Brendan Sailing 2019


After School

Sailing Program

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Are you looking for a fun after school program for your teenager? Would they benefit from an individualized learning environment? Brendan Sailing, a popular and longstanding summer camp operating in Annapolis for more than 30 years, is now a new afterschool program in Washington DC!

Launching at DC Sail near the Nationals Park and Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro, Brendan Sailing teaches youth from a wide range of learning differences (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD, ODD, etc.) how to sail in a non-competitive environment and use sailing as a foundation for building life skills, self-confidence, and social ability.


“Brendan Sailing has given my son a sense of accomplishment that no other sports program has provided. The instructors taught him how to sail and had faith in him, allowing him to build self-confidence and grow his self-esteem.”

— Parent of Brendan Sailor 2013


Where did the name 'Brendan Sailing' come from?

St. Brendan the Irish Monk

The program is named after the Irish monk, St. Brendan the Navigator, who is said to have sailed to North America 800 years before Columbus in a leather canoe. The Founder of the Brendan Sailing Program, James P. Muldoon, found this story a fitting frame for the organization to come. Not only is Muldoon an Irishman and avid sailor (captain of the racing yacht DONNYBROOK) - he also saw the against-all-odds achievement of St. Brendan a metaphor for the challenges students would overcome in the program.



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