The Brendan Sail Training Program and Brendan Corporation would not be able to provide sailing camps and opportunities for youth with learning differences if it were not for the support of our partner organizations.   



METCOR/LSI  is the Brendan Corporation's largest contributor, and one of it's original partners. Over 30 years ago, CEO and Founder of METCOR James P. Muldoon started the Brendan Corporation and the Brendan Sail Training Progam to build self-confidence and self-esteem in children with learning differences, and through the support of METCOR/LSI, we continue to do so today.


Annapolis Sailing School

Brendan's original home - Annapolis Sailing School, has been one of the biggest partners to the Brendan Corporation in its 33 years of existence. Thanks to it's continued support over the years, Brendan continues to use Annapolis Sailing School as its home for its Annapolis based camps.

Spirit of America Youth Boating

Spirit of America Youth Boating and the Brendan Corporation have been teaming up to provide the best possible experience at Brendan's St. Mary's Overnight Camp in St. Mary's City, MD. With the help of Spirit of America, we have been able to expand our curriculum to further enhance our sailors skill levels and sailing experience. 

St. Mary's College Sailing Program

Since 2005, St. Mary's College of Maryland as been home to the Brendan Day/Overnight Camps in St. Mary's City, MD. Held at the James. P. Muldoon River Center (Named after the founder of Brendan Corporation), St. Mary's College Sailing Program allows Brendan Campers to use their equipment and facilities to give them a full experience of sailing and independence.

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US Sailing

The Brendan Corporation works directly with the National Governing Body for the sport of sailing, the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing). All of our camp instructors are at least US Sailing Level 1 Certified Instructors, as well as, incorporate US Sailing training curriculm.