“Our son and I sailed yesterday on the Magothy on my Lightning. He drove and did a great job sailing a course around government marks that took about 90 minutes. I’m very pleased with what he has learned and how much fun he has on the boat!”
— Greg, Parent of Brendan Sailor 2017
Brendan’s Sailing has given my son a sense of accomplishment that no other sports program provided. The instructors have taught him how to sail and have had the faith in him, allowing him to build self-confidence and grow his self-esteem.”
— Kate, Parent of Brendan Sailor 2013

Our Mission

The Brendan Corporation is a registered 501(3)c and parent entity to the Brendan Sail Training Program. Through our partnership with Spirit of America, we foster entry level sailing camps with US Sailing certified instructors with a focus on "learning by doing". Since our founding in 1985 we have been committed to providing a foundation for success and building pathways for self-confidence and personal growth in children with learning differences...through individually tailored experiential instruction in sailing.

Our Values

Individual Dignity - At Brendan we understand all of our campers possess individual learning styles, and we make sure to incorporate and adapt to all of the participants needs to ensure the highest amount of success, and individual dignity is achieved. 

Personal Growth - Through the power of sailing, campers accomplish a sense independence and personal growth, that they can carry over into their personal and professional lives.

Unique Learning Styles - Our camps possess a tailored sailing curriculum designed for those with unique learning styles to thrive, and learn the life-long skill of sailing in ways that are best suited for them individually.

Quality Experiential Learning - With our hands on approach that focuses on "learning by doing", campers gain the core foundations of sailing through quality experiential learning.

Teamwork - Teamwork is a core value of our program, and is practiced through many team building activities throughout the duration of the camp.

Patience and Kindness - All of our campers learn through different styles and methods. With this our instructors foster a positive learning environment through the practice of patience and kindness which we believe gives our campers the best opportunity to succeed.

Safety and Fun - The only thing more important than fun and Brendan is Safety. Our camps are instructed by US Sailing certified instructors, who believe safety is of the utmost importance and that it is incorporated in the most fun ways possible.

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